The Estate

YBR is dedicated to contributing to a more beautiful and positive world through what they do and make.  Come, listen, enjoy and imagine.

YBR winery is a family owned and operated winery and vineyard.  The winery sits on a 50 acre estate right off of Interstate 10.  The two surrounding Bookshire and Katy to the East and Columbus to the West. Yellow Brick Road Winery is 50 minutes West of downtown Houston.  The winery is a quaint, modern 1940’s updated farmhouse with indoor and outdoor seating overlooking 50 acres, and just 35 minutes away from West Houston.

The winery is committed to growing and blending varieties best suited for the soil and climate.  It is a Texas owned and operated vineyard and winery.  In addition to the wines made on the premises, YBR carries other Texan made wines, domestic wines and international wines.

The Philosophy

Music and wine have been paired together for centuries, so why separate them at the source?  At Yellow Brick Road Winery, we believe the two should not only be paired in the home, but also at the point of origin.

YBR Winery works to not only create fine wine, but to create a distinguished venue atmosphere through fine live music.

The Musician

Yellow Brick Road Winery began in 2012 when accomplished concert pianist and 4 time academy award winning Gerry Math purchased the land which would be the future vineyard of Yellow Brick Road Winery. Math played Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and created musical scores that have been used in 14 motion pictures.

Photo of William Gory Doherty

Book Signing with William Gary Doherty

Friday Feb 27th 6-9 pm

“Mr. Doherty, everything that could be wrong with your lab work…is…. If you do not radically change your behavior and lifestyle, you’ll be dead within 12 months.”

So began my personal journey, my Ignition Point toward better health and a more fulfilling lifestyle. My journey is everyone’s journey. Design your own self­fulfilling prophecy for a better life through taking personal responsibility for every aspect of your life. You need to find your “Ignition Point!”


Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken. -Ludwig van Beethoven
"The Texas Wine industry has come of age [...] Our
grape growers are producing premium fruit and
our winemakers have demonstrated tremendous skill
in crafting truly fine wines. Committed people have put
us in the spotlight and the recent awards and growing
popularity are evidence of just how far we've come."

-Todd Staples, Texas Agriculture Commissioner

"A truly inspirational environment"